The following is an overview of some subjects covered in the Footage Bank library, the largest and most diverse HD footage collection in the world.

Most of Footage Bank's HD material is shot in native HD formats of 1080i/59.94 and 1080/23.98psf (use 1080i native or 24p native as keywords to focus your search).   Our film to HD conversions are from 70mm, super 35mm or 35mm (use film HD as a keyword for these formats).

Search on-line by keyword or contact us to see extraordinary images that can truly bring your project to life.
        Footage Bank’s High Definition Collection

Fly over the Las Vegas Strip, Alaskan glaciers, Hollywood Boulevard, New York City or the top of the Rockies.   Footage Bank is proud to be the exclusive footage supplier for Helinet Aviation Services, the first to capture HD footage from coast to coast using a patented gyro-stabilized camera system.   Other expansive aerial undertakings such as our "Over America" series give Footage Bank the most comprehensive collection of HD aerial images in the world.
    Animals & Nature
A wild jaguar in the jungle, the swarming monarch butterflies of Mexico, a sidewinder on the Sahara or rare footage of pandas and penguins - Footage Bank's top cinematographers hang out with exotic creatures all over the world. Only high definition cameras can capture the ravishing beauty of the Antarctic, the wilds of Africa, a bird's eye view from the top of the most ancient redwoods or the waterfalls of the Pacific Islands.
    Footage Bank Locations library
Footage Bank cinematographers are shooting locations around the world everyday. From utilitarian establishing shots such as day and night matches of businesses and residences, to more glamorous themes such as the monuments of Washington DC, the landmarks of Hollywood, or the great cities of the world, all our location shots are specifically produced for our library and ready for use in your production.
    Industry and Trade
Worldwide shipping, energy production, mining the earth's resources and the harvest of food products are some of the industry and work related images that can be found in the Footage Bank library. Whether you want to romanticize the banal or portray these fundamental aspects of our world in all their reality, high definition excels at doing both.
Footage Bank's international HD collection encompasses the world from the wet markets of the Orient to the savannahs of Africa. Our "Smart Travel" series traverses Europe bringing you day and night shots from cities, villages, vineyards, castles, hot spots and ports of call. Additional coverage of China, Japan, India, Russia, the Arctic, Antarctic, South America and more create a truly global perspective.
    Science and Technology
Emerging technology fields were some of the first to document their operations in HD. New technology means new footage. Exclusive new HD footage of clean rooms, DNA research, microscopy, robotics and other technology is only available at Footage Bank.

We exclusively represent footage from the HD cameras mounted on the space shuttle bringing you shots of earth from space never before available as stock footage. Footage Bank also represents the only 35mm footage from the Apollo space program now transferred to HD.

Footage Bank is actively shooting and recruiting HD sports footage. Take a look at our extreme skydiving, kayaking and snow boarding or check out our mountain climbing, car racing and big wave surfing.

Travel with Al Giddings to the ocean depths on a voyage to the Titanic, swim with great white sharks or go beneath the polar ice of the Antarctic. Footage Bank brings you the world's most comprehensive underwater HD library. Unless you are a scuba diver, you have never before experienced the beauty of the ocean depths until you've seen it in high definition.
        Footage Bank’s Standard Definition Collection
Footage Bank works with CGI and traditional animators to create clips specifically for stock footage. From Japanese style anime to space and medical animations, we continually add to this unique collection. Some are available in high definition or in 16:9 format, perfect for widescreen playback.
    Archival Icons
Footage Bank's archival library features the most newsworthy moments from the last century of history caught on film. From historical films and newsreels, our archival material covers cultural to political subject matters.
Footage Bank exclusively represents the largest military aggregation of footage outside of the Pentagon. World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and Iraqi War, military figures and political leaders, branches of armed forces and developments in hardware and technology are all covered in this vast resource.
Contact us for world leaders, political events, national and international news stories, scenes from Iraq as well as released newscasters discussing the stock market, national emergencies and weather reports.
Footage Bank offers multiple subjects and scenes shot and acquired specifically for playback use in television shows, feature films and commercials. Whether your project needs fully released cooking shows, news reporters, soap operas, game shows, commercials, cartoons or infomercials, we can fulfill all your playback needs.
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